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We created the #52Favorites challenge in 2018.

It has become one of the most popular challenges we have!

The purpose is to make sure that you are writing things down.

Get those memories off your phone!

It can be anything! 

There's always something to be thankful for.

Just pick one (or two) of your favorite things from your week and Write it Down!

Favorite tv show binge

A new restaurant

Favorite tacos

New shoes

Any part of your week that made you happy!

You can use any  medium. Some of our Design Team members use Traveler's Notebooks, 6x8 Binders, 12x12 layouts, 4x4 layouts, and planners. You can use bar coasters if you want, just write it down!

We share our projects in PIFF (our Facebook Community).

We hope you will play along and share with us!

Tag us on instagram #52Favorites #paperissues @paperissues


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