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1. Entries on Instagram must be tagged #iSpyWithPI with the specific photo prompt the entry is for (e.g. #Wicked or #sunshine, etc...).

2. All entries in PIFF (our Facebook Community) must be posted in the appropriate #iSpyWithPI album.

3. Photos must be new and taken as of the announcement of this contest.

4. One photo per prompt will be counted as an entry on Instagram and/or in PIFF.

5. Prompts may be repeated, but duplicate prompts do not count towards an entry for a prize.

6. All photos must be original photos taken by the participant.

7. By entering the contest you give your consent for Paper Issues to share your photo, with credit, on the Paper Issues Facebook Page, Paper Issues Instagram Account, Paper Issues Twitter Account, Paper Issues {Friends + Fans} Account, Paper Issues Website, Paper Issues YouTube and/or the Paper Issues Blog.

8. Paper Issues reserves the right to disqualify any entries that do not adhere to the official rules.


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